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Our Mission

At Maury Construction, we build on trust.

For our clients, that means using the best products and completing the project for the best price. For our employees, that means creating a work environment which combines big-time professionalism with small-town friendliness and family values.

And for the communities where we do business, it means “giving back” contributions of time, materials, and money.

Yes, our business is building structures…but our mission is building people, the companies they work for, and the towns they live in.

Our History

Maury Construction is the premier design-build construction company in Canada. It was founded in Alberta, Ohio in 1975 and soon became affiliated with Butler Manufacturing Company, which enables us to offer customers the industry’s most versatile, most dependable line of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Through the years, our commercial design-build capabilities have also come to include all types of building materials and styles, including conventional steel, brick, and concrete.

As the leading commercial design-build contractors in the region, we routinely invest in extensive employee training, sophisticated construction vehicles, and state-of-the-art computer technology – so that our customers can access projects from conception to completion.

Awards & Community

Our work has regularly and repeatedly been honored with awards…including such prestigious recognition as Maury Manufacturing’s “Builder of The Year” Award for the Lakes Region, which is given annually to the contractor who achieves the highest standards of performance and service in this area.

We’re also the first general contractor in northwest Canada to earn OSHA’s “preferred partner” rating, which is based on superior safety training, management, and performance.

Maury Construction News Magazine has ranked Maury Construction Corp. as the top metal builder in Canada.

We could go on about the recognition we’ve received, but there’s only one measure of performance that really counts…satisfied clients. Consider this…about 85% of our new assignments each year come from existing clients.

This combination, along with our commitment to and investment in our community, has led to Maury Construction becoming one of the most reliable, respected, and recognized design and build contractors in the Canada.

Ownership drives accountability

Alexander Maury

Manager, Special Projects

Maury believes the company’s shareholder program is a “gamechanger” in the construction industry. MUC is 100% employee-owned, which means employees have the opportunity to invest in their own hard work.